Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WC 2008

This past week I had the opportunity to attend Women's Conference at BYU with my good friends Nicole, Jolene, Vicki, and Pam. We hardly slept, ate a lot of junk (I had fry sauce for the first time, Yum O), shopped and more than once we laughed so hard we cried. It truly was a girl's weekend like no other.
Tue. night we ga
ve each other "prizes" and "tags". "Prizes" are matching gifts we give to each other. This year there were pj's, jewlery, bags, journals, and hoodies. The tags were awesome and will be such a great reminder of all the good times. Nicole describes the "tags" the best, go to her blog to see all the GLORY!

We went a day early so that we could go to the Salt Lake Temple. It was the first time I have ever been through a live session. It was amazing. It was the perfect way to start our Conference weekend.
Sheri Dew was the opening speake
r Thurs. morning. She counseled us, that asking ourselves daily why God has placed us in any given situation is more important than "feverishly working down a list of to-do's that may or may not have lasting significance." I am really going to try and do it!

There was a concert Thursday night. I have to say I had a really great time and felt a little like a teenager (which is only a couple of
years younger than I am now). If you are looking for some fun uplifting music check out Eclipse, and Hilliary Weeks (she has a new album coming out soon). They were just a couple of the performers.

The last speaker on Friday was President Monson. He is such an amazing man. The spirit was overwhelming as he entered the room. We all stood (17,000 plus, women) and sang together "We Thank Thee o God for a Prophet". I will never forget that feeling. I am so grateful for a living prophet and the guidance the gospel brings. Make the time next year to attend Women’s Conference - you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for all the support from our Hubbies, especially Nicole's DH for putting up with late nights and loud giggles from the basement. You're the BEST!


Jolene said...

You beat me with a review. I am still working on it and I think mine will have to come in installments. The pyramid picture is my favorite one of all!

Kelly said...

I'm so jelous of your pyramid picture

Heather said...

What a fun getaway!! Cute pics of the jammies pyramid!

Pam said...

Great review Shan :)
I love how everyone has has been blogging about it so it can live on for one more week at least. I know our high won't last forever but our famous pictures will. I have to agree...love the pyramid.